About Us

Terri Stanley and Terry Moyemont are creators and operators of Mesogeo.

Stanley has been a designer in the Seattle area for over twenty years and is an accomplished horticulturist. Since the inception of Mesogeo in 2003, she has greatly enlarged the catalogue of exciting and useful new plants through her reading, intrepid searching, growing, and testing of varieties from around the world.

Her husband, Terry Moyemont, a professional videographer, has worked with her to produce photos, marketing pieces, magazine articles, and public presentations.

Together they have lived in Greece, traveling around the Mediterranean Basin interviewing gardeners and photographing their gardens


In addition to their design work, the two are presently writing a book on the new movements in gardening, entitled, “A Garden in the Middle of the World”.  Moyemont  also also recently produced a

documentary video for the Mediterranean Garden Society about the Society’s classic garden in Sparoza, near Athens. Presently they are working on a video series, “The Garden Road Show”, about  personalities connected to horticulture and gardening.

Together they are the  heads of the Pacific Northwest Branch of the Society.

Check their new Facebook page for “Mesogeo Nursery and Garden Design”.

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